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Baseball Cap Has A Sense Of Integration
Jun 15, 2017

Fashion movement of the current trend of the moment, the baseball cap has become a star red people concave shape the best single product, summer wear baseball cap can sunscreen, Baseball Cap serve two purposes.

Baseball hat to wear, with what a single product does not seem to have too much doubt, because it really wild to ride the closet. More attention, in fact, color, of course, is not difficult, because the hat as a decoration, and can be a lot of color with.

Wear white clothes when the most bother, all kinds of color baseball cap drained will not go wrong.

Wear black clothes, you can take some of the color to light up with the light.

Hats and clothes color with the idea is also very good, with a sense.

In combination, black and white hat is the most secure, neutral color can be used with a lot of color clothes

White is very refreshing summer, you can light up some of the body with a dark line

Pink is very tender, very youthful and lively, Baseball Cap is the season I like a color, to avoid some too bright colors, it is still a good ride

Dark blue some low-key, and cowboy can be a single product match.

High saturation blue, suitable for some fresh colors.

With the main mainly to leisure sports wind, but shorts, pleated skirt, a word skirt and no violation of the sense. With shoes canvas shoes Oh ~

Wearing a baseball cap to pay attention to the bangs, no best! If any, must be pruning short, go out and then use the curly hair coil about, so the hat will not crush your air bangs (more trouble I know ..) or direct unilateral twist braids, cute some Sister can also try double twist ~

On the choice of baseball cap, more recommended above the four wild color, especially white and denim blue, almost what clothes can take! Black is there some hot friends, pink skin color white sister who try to ~

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