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Baseball Cap There Is A Certain Degree Of Curvature
Jun 28, 2017

Baseball caps are divided into three types: Snapback, Lo Pro and Trucker. Baseball cap industry leader MLB, the design of the player when the hat, Baseball Cap the training version of the hat hat, designed to have a certain degree of curvature; and the game version of the hat is no curvature of the hat, Baseball Cap which is now the most common brigade hat. (By the way, the brimmed hat is a little bit can be broken into a curved eaves, like to try a friend may wish to try.) And the truck cap, also known as the truck driver cap (Trucker Cap), is also a baseball cap. Baseball Cap The first half of the hat and the baseball hat is the same, the latter half is the mesh structure.

South Korea running men's strength for the brilliance hat endorsement: remember to have a Running Man Gary show their own wardrobe, full of a hat of the child ah! There are goddess Song Zhi-xiao, Baseball Cap each program are wearing a hat, cool Snapback with the goddess of the exquisite looks is not contrary to the sense of difference, plus from time to time to call out the "bad wisdom Xiao", Snapback wild king's position Quite solid ah!

Snapback usually have fine embroidery and logo: hat below, Baseball Cap hat front, or even the back will have LOGO or pattern, so whether it is wearing or anti-wear are quite out of color. The way you please abandon the crooked wear this option ok, Baseball Cap this dangerous behavior non-Yan value of the explosion and their own temperament extraordinary do not try, and really like a mentally retarded.

Star camouflage essential items: sunglasses, masks and curved tent cap (Lo Pro Cap). Curved hat has a magical power, as long as the wear, no matter what clothes to wear, the whole person's gas fields have become super leisure, so although the past few years is really popular curved eaves hat, Baseball Cap Xiao Bian did not dare to start , After all, no body equipment plus super gas field, we mortals put on Lo Pro or will come to obliterate the results of passers-by.

But still with everyone Amway under the cap type, because Lo Pro has become the most fire hat type this year, has occupied the next kimchi country "black gun" circle: South Korea's famous HipPop program "Show Me The Money" Almost every Rapper wears such a canopy hat, feeling from head to toe are full of Swag.

Truck cap from the front to see the basic and Snapback no difference, that is, after half of the mesh, the basic farewell to the possibility of anti-wear, so many people do not wear. But the relative, Baseball Cap this hat is better than the other two kinds of hat permeability, the summer is still very popular.

Baseball caps are wearing more conventional, Baseball Cap compared to anti-wear will be more fashionable, but also more prominent a person's face, their own looks confident or want to challenge Hip-Pop style friends may wish to try, the whole person's temperament completely Not the same!

Is not to see the stars to wear the baseball cap do not tear off the top of the label stickers feel very strange? This is not for the other,Baseball Cap  but a culture: the earliest African Americans are poor, no money to buy a new hat, so the hat shop friends, put the store's hat to lend them to wear, Baseball Cap but in front of the hat shop Put the hat back, so the hat on the standard can not tear, slowly to now become a culture.

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