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Military Cap All Kinds Of
Jun 28, 2017

Cap is the world's military, the soldiers wearing a hat. Military Cap There are a wide variety of caps. Wearing a cap shows the majesty and rigor of the military. Is the symbol of the dignity of the military. 20th century, 50 to 80 years. Chinese society is very popular wearing a liberation cap.

"Cultural Revolution" early, spring and autumn, Military Cap popular single cap, everyone wearing a head cap. The cap is also true and false, the real cap for the good fabric, Military Cap color green, hat eaves, which printed with rectangular box, marked with name, age, blood type column; false regardless of color, fabric, style Let the children look at the wear, not worth the money, but the feeling of a bit soil. Dai Jun cap also have to pay attention to the hat above the seams as much as possible to hold up, go out before hand to pinch half a day, many children in the hat pad around the hard paper shell or newspaper, not so easy to call "cool" The Of course, Military Cap want to put "cool" have to bear a considerable risk factor, wearing a hat is easy to be "flying", that is, walking in the street, the hat was cycling alley small ruffian homeopathic from the top pick. Popular wearing a hat, Military Cap so that the military compound the child shook a few, followed by the "fly" to worry about, hard to detect.

June 1, 1965, the Chinese People's Liberation Army to cancel the rank system, then abolished 55-style military clothing. Army cadres, soldiers all wearing a liberation cap, Military Cap wearing a red five-star hat emblem. In the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the cap is not only a symbol of the revolution, but also an important symbol of the Red Guards and rebels. Red Guards clothing is actually uniforms, with a cap is the pursuit of young people at the time, "a red star head wear, the revolutionary red flag hanging on both sides", Military Cap is the most popular mantra.

The red belt and piping system identified the cap as a worn by all arm generals (Rifles / Motorized rifles) with their parade uniforms during this period. Military Cap The support team and tank / artillery general wear other colors as you will see elsewhere in my site. The basic style and color of this cap has their origin in the general and the bailiff in 1945 victory parade. Because those are, the crown is "wave green" and with embroidered and stylized laurel leaves in gold wire. However, the change in the elemental reflection of the other blocks is set on 1954/55. At that time the embroidery was added to the shade; which was made by the necessary leather and cloth "sandwich", Military Cap the abyss of the fiberboard shade was previously used in these parade caps (embroidery doesnt suture very good cardboard!). A specially embroidered leather chinstrap and added, Military Cap replaced the gold cord that had been worn earlier (since these ropes were now approved for the parade of officials). Finally, the new M55 oval general's cockade replaced the round of the general's cockade was used during the war years. Military Cap The crown is smaller than the "teller" shape according to the earlier used, like two brass belt buttons that were decorated with a huge seal of the Soviet Union. Standard general's upgraded leather sweatband, silk lining and leather maker's label finish cap.

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