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Military Cap Is The Image
Jul 21, 2017

The main role of the cap is the image, wearing a military cap of the military looks more than wearing a military hat more dignity. And the general cap is no military tactical value, Military Cap perhaps the land eight times can be a camouflage, but into the mechanized war period, almost all out of the helmet. Came to the information war, the role of helmet is almost reduced to look good and not the slightest role.

Soldiers in the world are roughly the same, Military Cap but there are some differences in some countries. French sailor hat is a little different, that is, the top of the sailor hat decorated with a very bright red pompon. It is said that the pompon is part of the French Department of Defense regulations of the standard sailor suit, Military Cap a symbol of "a drop of blood", meaning "combat brave, not afraid of sacrifice." The top of the sailor hat decorated with a small red ball, wearing a very spiritual, easy to attract attention, so loved by the French sailors. Speaking of red pompon, there is a quite interesting origin. French ancient naval wooden warships, Military Cap due to low cabin, sailors are often hit badly beaten. In order to prevent the collision head, sailors in the hat pad on a mass of cotton yarn. Even so, there are also broken head, blood dip cotton yarn, into a red ball. Military Cap After several years of evolution, the French Navy began in the top of the sailors decorated with a red pompon, meaning "I wish you good luck, will not touch the head." Today, the cabin of the modern warships have no danger of breaking the head, Military Cap but the French sailors on top of the red pompon is still retained. Now, Military Cap the top of the sailor hat red pompon not only became the French sailors clothing ornaments, Military Cap has become their favorite mascot and collectibles.

The red belt and piping system identified the cap as a worn by all arm generals (Rifles / Motorized rifles) with their parade uniforms during this period. Military Cap The support team and the tank / artillery general wear other colors as you will see elsewhere in my site. The basic style and color of this cap has their origin in the general and the bailiff in 1945 victory parade. Because those are, the crown is "wave green" and with embroidered and stylized laurel leaves in gold wire. However, the change in the elemental reflection of the other blocks is set on 1954/55. At that time the embroidery was added to the shade; which was made by the necessary leather and cloth "sandwich", Military Cap the abuse of the fiberboard shade was previously used in these parade caps (embroidery doesnt suture very good cardboard!). A particularly embroidered leather chinstrap and added, Military Cap replaced the gold cord that had been worn earlier (since these ropes were now approved for the parade of officials). Finally, the new M55 oval general's cockade replaced the round of the general's cockade was used during the war years. Military Cap The crown was smaller as the "teller" shape was previously used, Military Cap like two brass belt buttons that were decorated with a huge seal of the Soviet Union. Standard general's upgraded leather sweatband, silk lining and leather maker's label finish cap. 

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