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Military Cap Lofty Status
Jul 10, 2017

Childhood, Military Cap green cap, in the child's childhood, has a very high status. Often see someone wearing a formal cap, the eyes of the children are straight, mouth murmured "cap, cap", Military Cap not involuntarily watched, with the green cap away, slowly side Move the body, has been staring at that touch of green disappeared in the vast sea of people.

At that time, the rise of agriculture in the country Dazhai, industrial Daqing, the National People's Liberation Army climax, soldiers in the eyes of the people sacred noble, very respected. I remember when the front door of the military vehicles through the adults and children on both sides of the roadside lane welcome, "Unclean Liberation Army uncle good!" Shouting endless children clap their hands shouting, Military Cap the troops also waved the warrior. Followed by the military uniform, military cap, red five-star is also very sought after. So at the time, can have a regular uniform, Military Cap or an official cap, or a shiny five-pointed star, it is very proud of, often can show off in front of a small partner, especially the head of the green army Cap, it is envied.

Memory, the troops in the official cap, is different, Military Cap on weekdays, we will recognize it at a glance. It is green and vivid, very bright; hat litter is relatively deep, wearing a hat on the top of the high; more important is the hat along the two sewing thread, work is very elegant, in his hand very thick sense. And fake military cap along only one sewing thread, hat nest is also relatively shallow, some people make fake hat, to achieve the effect of fake, in the hat inside the lined cardboard, want to become a corner of the hat, Military Cap But the discerning eye to see, that is false.

At that time, to have a cap is happy, wear it is absolutely cool. So most people go out wearing a cap, it must be on the mirror, the whole clothes, is the hat. Now want to come, that hat to wear or have to pay attention, you can not put the cap pressure is very low, can not lift very high, Military Cap but can not put the hat skew (that is traitor wearing law). Must be wearing eyebrows on the occasion of a little, and the cap flat slightly on the point, end correct, graceful, if accompanied by thick eyebrows big eyes, Military Cap straight nose, flutter flash fluttering eyes sparkling eyes, it was cool.

So at that time, wearing a formal cap of the people, if walking out on the road, must be looked up, arm, walking to lift the law lift the law, face spring, Military Cap proudly watching other people envy eyes, perhaps also From time to time to see how many people still watching him. If it is riding a bike to go out, it must be the crowd ringing the bell "beep bell" ring; also round the wheel around the S-shaped, scared pedestrian; and when the passers-by attention to his cap, Higher; when you want to get off, Military Cap will be a sharp brake, jumped out of the car, Military Cap his hands to the left turn, the first one Yang, to make a cool POSE, Military Cap attracted passers-by surprised. If there is a wave of people wearing a cap, riding a car over, with the hearty laughter, it is definitely a landscape.

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