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Rotary International Garden Care For Disadvantaged School Children Celebrate The Holidays Send DrawString Bag
Jan 19, 2017

According to the Ministry of the Interior statistics Taiwan's poor families have more than 140,000 households in the capital Taipei City's poor students from poor families have more than million people. Helped round social annual continued care vulnerable group and the poor students, has is continuous 15 years donation material to poor students and the held Park Tour will, this year helped round social more combined big dragon Tong community and the enterprise of power expanded held, Yu November 20 in Taipei City Datong district, big dragon country small held care students Park Tour will, sponsored Taipei City 90 by elementary and middle schools of poor students, total 1500 bit students of life material and the supplies, including day activities costs contributions and the donation items total amount over 3.6 million Yuan.

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