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Visor Cap Have A Protective Effect
Jun 15, 2017

Summer with the weather getting hot, a can cover the entire face of the sun hat in many city streets quietly popular, there are eye experts to remind that this is known as "sunscreen eye" sun hat many are poor quality Products, not only can not play a role, but also may affect people's eyesight.

      Walking in the streets will find that most people who wear this hat are cycling ladies and younger children. In the small commodity market, covered with this is selling the sun hat, the price is generally 7 yuan to 10 yuan, which is made of a material similar to colored plastic, Visor Cap you can flexibly up and down, both like ordinary sun hat , Can also be used as sunglasses. Business customers to say that this anti-UV hat, summer we all like to buy, a protective effect, not easy to basking in the skin, to stimulate the eyes.

Straw hat and wide and large, very pastoral style, large hat to ensure a good shade effect, the basic can avoid direct sunlight, it is suitable for long-term outdoor workers wear. In addition, the straw hat made of woven, not airtight, will not make the head temperature is too high, Visor Cap it is suitable for the elderly to use. But also because of its gap, the effect of shading eye is not very good, you can use with sunglasses.

Baseball cap design is intended to block the front of the sun's exposure to the eyes, so the hat is very long, the protection of the eye is in place. But the baseball cap side and behind no shelter, sunscreen effect is very general. Baseball caps mostly cotton or denim texture, Visor Cap so in the ventilation is not ideal, long-term exposure in the sun will make the head temperature, the basic disease of the elderly should not be used.

This hat has a big black hat, you can like the welder as the whole face are covered, in addition to blocking the sun, but also sand, pest control. This hat is from South Korea, the formal product of the eaves material is the use of Japan's Mitsubishi cut off the patented UV special film, this film can play to protect the role of facial skin and eyes, whether it is sunscreen or eye, the effect is very outstanding.

The hat's skirt can provide different shading effects. The sunny skirt can be completely removed, the hat as a common baseball cap wearing, you can also put the sunny skirt of the two corners fixed on the cap on the button on the cap after the adjustment of the magic tape through the skirt, Visor Cap You can give the face and neck to provide a complete shade effect.

This kind of hat shade excellent, suitable for specific places, such as fishing or playing golf and other needs when the need for exposure, usually generally not on.

AQSIQ promulgated the "anti-ultraviolet performance of textile assessment" provides that only UPF (UV protection factor value) greater than 30, and UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) transmittance of less than 5%, can be called anti-UV products, protection level Standard "UPF30 +"; when the UPF is greater than 50, indicating that the product excellent UV protection, protection level identified as "UPF50 +".

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