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Visor Cap The Benefits Of
Aug 08, 2017

Baseball cap: The mark of a baseball player, born for sport. Visor Cap Therefore, the most suitable for tourism, leisure, sports, long with Radian brim can block the sun, adjustable elastic band or Velcro suitable for different head circumference, cotton, polyester, oxford cloth material suction sweat and not deformation, summer section in the latter half of the use of mesh design, more breathable. For women, baseball caps also have the benefit of helping headband. The baseball cap is usually dome-shaped, also the top of the style, and a lot of money.

Hop culture of representative jewelry, and baseball caps the biggest difference is the flat brim, brim has the use of acrylic (plastic) material, so you can install rivets and other personalized jewelry, suitable for young people to wear. I found that people wearing hip-hop hats were not wearing their heads, but on their heads, and the top of their heads was the most fashionable way to wear them. Visor Cap Fort Hill concludes: "Hip-hop hats are used to cool, shading is only a minor function."

The first impression is how it looks like a deer hat that Folmos detectives wear! I think this hat is the use of deer hunting hat unique design, the hat before and after the use of different embroidery, before and after the change is equivalent to a hat, the middle of the use of mesh design to ensure the permeability, Visor Cap and the back of the brim to the back of the skin to play a role in the shade.

Add a removable shading skirt edge, cap rope, such as accessories, shading skirt edge can be fixed on the visor to the face and neck to provide complete shading effect, cap rope mainly play the role of windproof; take off these accessories, professional visor to revert to a normal baseball cap. Visor Cap This kind of hat is sold in outdoor stores, and is made of synthetic fibres, such as nylon, lightweight, durable, quick-drying, difficult to deform, both aesthetically and functionally. Suitable for long time outdoor sports, such as hiking, mountaineering, fishing, etc.

Big along the hat: As the name implies, Visor Cap there is a hat with a very big, very big brim. It should be said that the big hat is designed for ladies, men wear the big hat I only think of Grandpa's big straw hat. The wide brim provides a full range of protection for women. and conform to the trend of the times, now the big along the hat applied a lot of fashion elements, such as lace, bows, ribbons and so on. Materials are also more diverse, such as the use of Lafite and polyester mix. Therefore, ladies can choose different styles of clothing to match. Visor Cap Large along the hat and colorful dress is the classic collocation, all the ladies of the lady's style.

One of the classic styles: hand-woven Lafite large along the hat, Visor Cap with colorful garlands, highlighting the elegance and romance of small women.

The classic style of the second: Lotus leaf edge and butterfly knot with the large along the hat, Visor Cap highlighting the sweet temperament of small girls.

Classic style of the third: the Soul of the sea! The classic blue-and-white-striped navy-wind hat, which brings refreshing and comfortable feeling, is like being in a blue coast.

Classic style of the four: retro silk quality along the hat, Visor Cap thick retro taste elegant and steady, no matter where they go, will send out a quiet lady temperament.

Cowboy hat: One of the hallmarks of the American cowboy, Visor Cap which is functionally very strong, resembles a large canopy. However, now the cowboy hat after fashion transformation is not the past wild, rugged appearance, in the material has a great change. Regardless of men and women, wearing cowboy hat, immediately more than a handsome wild temperament.

Fisherman's hat: Also called the bucket cap, Visor Cap the edge is narrow and small, can carry very deep, with a pair of big sunglasses, a faction with the casual leisure wind, fisherman's hat material for nylon, canvas, polyester, these fabrics make the fisherman's hat is not easy to wrinkle deformation, Visor Cap so is very suitable for carrying, free rolls can be put into the pocket, very convenient.

Ben Nick hat: The cap is between the shape and size between the big hat and the fisherman's hat, Visor Cap the material is closer to the fisherman's cap, the brim can be curled at will, the volume is much like the cowboy hat, mostly used in the army, the camouflage color is most suitable for outdoor activities and fishing, but both sexes are suitable.

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