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Visor Cap There Is Indeed Sunscreen
Jul 10, 2017

At first, Visor Cap the hat is only used to shade and warm, but now, more is used to concave type! In addition to the face can be modified, to cover up (no shampoo) hair, Visor Cap but also for the whole body modeling eye-dotting, so that you instantly up several times the level of fashion, temperament (field) so out!

The sunscreen does have sunscreen, Visor Cap but the effect is not as strong as you think. In other words, even wearing a sun hat, sunscreen still can not save. According to the skin experts, the sun hat can withstand 10% of the head of the ultraviolet rays, but the UV can be reflected from the ground to your face, Visor Cap so SPF30 SPF30 sunscreen still can not save. Remember the golden rule of sunscreen: Apply a sunscreen with a glass of wine to the body and face, and fill it every two hours outdoors.

The sun hat is the first choice of wide-brimmed hat, Visor Cap because it can cover the face, neck and neck, play the greatest sunscreen effect. Cap and baseball cap can only help you cover the forehead and the upper part of the face, so it is not a strong anti-sunder. The material of the hat is preferably a tight and breathable fabric, Visor Cap which is more effective than a canvas cap and a straw hat for sunscreen and even anti-cancer.

There are anti-UV (UPF) hats on the market, Visor Cap such as the Coolibar brand. Some hats and clothing on the market have been marked UPF index, ranging from 15 to 50, the higher the value of sunscreen greater.

The most violent time of the sun is from 10 am to 3 pm or 4 pm. The sun hat is very effective against direct sunlight, so it is best to wear a hat on sunny and rainy days. On board, Visor Cap on the beach and outdoors, but also have to wear a hat. In the cloudy windy weather, the sun rays are scattered, Visor Cap so the sunscreen should be the focus of protection.

The conclusion is that there is no shortcut to sunscreen, whether wearing a sun hat, sunscreen are indispensable. Sunscreen is an anti-aging weapon. Visor Cap When you age, you will see the ground with sunscreen to bring you good results.

In the many types of hats, to follow the trend of the train never derailment, Visor Cap and that only the legendary weaving straw hat! It continues to heat this season, as a summer wardrobe must be a single product, whether usually wear or go vacation, Visor Cap you can choose a straw hat for the overall shape plus points.

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